This page will give an overview of significant national activities and initiatives within the context of GeroPsychology. 


Some links on geropsychological projects, NGOs and research institutes in Austria:

 1) Working groups Section Gerontopsychology in the Austrian Psychological Association. Offers information and trainings for psychologists Information for people and their relatives on Alzheimers Disease. Offers education for caregivers Information on Alzheimers Disease. Information for people and their relatives on Alzheimers Disease. Offers education for caregivers and training for patients,574547&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL: Working group “gerontopsychology”. Offers education in clinical Gerontopsychology and Gerontopsychotherapy in some nursing homes working group in the Austrian Neuropsychological Association : Section Gerontopsychotherapy in the Austrian Psychotherapeutic Association (ÖBVP)

 2. Educations/ studies Offers education and training for persons, working with people suffering from dementia Information and training for older people and their caregivers. : Does studies in AAL. For example


3. Information on Aging Information about aging in Austria First Austrian Report on Dementia Information about memory-clinics in Austria Aging Policy in Austria : Aging in Austria and some studies. : Information about active aging in the country AAL-projects in Austria : Some examples AAL-projects in Austria


Csech Republic

Česká společnost pro trénování paměti a mozkový jogging

Hestia, o.s.

Elpida pro seniory

Informační portál (např. kontakty na Univerzity třetího věku)

Univerzity volného času Praha i v dalších městech ČR

Psychiatrické centrum Praha

AD Centrum PCP

Rodinný klub Sedmička v pohybu

Česká asociace sport pro všechny 

Svaz tělesně postižených

Evropská komise

Ministerstvo práce a sociálních věcí


Some links on geropsychological projects, NGOs and research institutes in Croatia: - Croatian Psychological Association

 Local community projects: – Project Healthy Istria: Programs for Older Citizens of the County of Istria  - Guide for older citizens, City of Zagreb Project Gerontological Centres of the City of Zagreb - Psychosocial Assistance Programs for Older Persons, City of Rijeka

 Links of several non-governmental organizations providing assistance and psychological counselling to older persons: and  - links of the Association for Protection and Promotion of Older Persons Rights - “Well-being” - psychological counselling and support, training - “Presence” – providing electronic device to alert stand-by volunteers in case of emergency, psychological counselling and support - foundation, providing social services, accommodation, assistance, and psychological counselling and support - Croatian Association for Alzheimer Disease – medical assistance, and psychological counselling and support - Croatian Pensioners’ Organization

 Geropsychology research institutions links: - Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar, Zagreb - Dept. of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb - Dept. of Health Psychology, University of Applied Health Studies, Zagreb


Website with a long list of links in the field of aging throughout Germany and Europe.  The site also links to mostly german-speaking websites.

English website of the Institute of Psychogerontology at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Prof. Lang)

English website of the Psychological Ageing Research unit at the University of Heidelberg (Prof. Wahl).

English language site of the Germany Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics.

English website of the Germany Centre of Gerontology in Berlin. includes also information on the Germany Aging Survey.

English website of the Generation Research Program of Bavaria, a centre of interdisciplinary research in ageing, brain research, usability, and assistive systems. 


ALA (Association Luxembourgeoise Alzheimer; Luxembourg Alzheimer Association);

ALGG (Association Luxembourgeoise de Gérontologie / Gériatrie; Luxembourg Gerontology / Geriatric Association ; Contact :;

RBS - Center fir Altersfroen (RSB Centre for Ageingn)

 Research Unit INSIDE, University of Luxembourg; Domain “Ageing and Life span Development”; Contact:



This is the Institutional PORTAL from the National Institute of the Elderly and Social services and the National Research Council. It can be found:




            Research (Projects):

            Psychology and health:

            Social resources:


            Agenda and Courses:


This page show a “Founder” for any information all over Spain about the elderly, age, and  ageing.

In this page it can be found al institutions, activities, good practices, etc. developed in Spain at occasion than the European year of Active Ageing.

It is an announcement of the publication: “White book of Active Ageing”

It can be found the book in pdf.,

It is a site with information for ageing well.

It contains research on ageing conducted by the National Research Agency (CSIC, Scientific Research Council).

It contains research on ageing developed at the Autonomous University of Madrid.

Ageing Institute of Autonomous University of  Barcelona


Turkish Psychological Association